How Retailers Can Win Against the Challenges of Seasonality and Multilingual Support

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Obsolete Contact Center Technology Hinders Growth Did you know global e-commerce sales reached $4.9 trillion in 2021 and are expected to increase to $7.4 trillion in 2025? What a huge opportunity for brands to win in a rapidly growing market! With this already massive and increasing spending by consumers, brands will need to support even […]

10 Ways to Boost Contact Center Employee Morale

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Customer support agents are the backbone of contact center operations but it’s no secret that the customer service attrition rate is notoriously high. The Harvard Business Review cites customer support turnover as high as 45 percent—twice the average turnover in other departments. Moreover, research from a 2022 NICE WEM Global Survey shows that this number […]

The Multilingual Customer Service Challenge (Webinar)

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Multilingual Customer Care Supports Globalization Since the dawn of globalization, companies have struggled to identify the best way to serve customers in their native language. For years, the common practice has involved hiring, training, and retaining customer service agents who speak the same language as the country where the business operates. However, in today’s economy, […]

Top 11 Customer Support Blogs for Innovation Leaders

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If customer support were easy, we would all be experts. The reality is, customer support and the customer experience landscape is ever-changing. Many of the strategies businesses once used to understand and communicate with their customers are obsolete. However, the core desire for brands to satisfy and retain customers hasn’t (and shouldn’t) change.  You want […]

The Next Generation of Multilingual Customer Support

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Famed business strategist Roger Martin, a former dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, has advocated for a new approach to managing contact centers (or “decision factories” as he calls them). He argues the cycle of scaling staff is not only inefficient — especially hiring for positions that recently turned […]

The Trouble with Staffing, Managing, & Scaling Multilingual Contact Centers

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The Messages and Agents Lost in Translation Behind the glass windows of the United Nations are the most respected and influential interpreters on Earth. Their job is to translate almost 7,000 distinct languages into the six official languages used by the delegates from United Nations’ member states. To make this possible, the United Nations’ Department […]

How to Measure Translation Accuracy in Customer Support Contact Centers

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Solve for inaccuracy in support conversations by measuring your agents’ comprehensibility. “Accurate” translation is not necessarily comprehensible; therefore, it is important to develop a comprehensibility model to determine the effectiveness of your non-primary language support conversations. If you focus on comprehensibility as the measure of interpretation quality, your non-English language customer support metrics are guaranteed […]