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ChatLingual takes the frustration out of managing multilingual customer support. The ChatLingual App for Genesys Cloud CX makes providing native-language service in 100+ languages easy, cost-effective, and quick to scale.


Add Multilingual Translation to Genesys

Business As Usual

The ChatLingual App is the perfect integration for seamless multilingual communication on Genesys Cloud CX platform. Its discreet design integrates easily, causing minimal disruptions to your workflow and reducing agent handling time.

Enterprise-Grade Protection

We take security and privacy seriously. Your customer data is always encrypted, both during transit and while stored, and never shared with third-party entities. Our commitment to protecting your information is reflected in our compliance with industry standards, including GDPR and ISO 27001.

Go Live In Less Than 72 Hours

The ChatLingual App for Genesys is easy to install which means you can spend less time configuring and more time serving customers in their preferred language. We'll have you up and running in just three days.

Access 100+ Languages

The ChatLingual App for Genesys enables real-time communication in over 100 languages, including German, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Greek, Danish, Icelandic, and many more.

translation app for genesys cloud cx

Use the ChatLingual App for Genesys to Translate:

Tried and True Translations

With ChatLingual’s custom phrases and best localization techniques, users have full control over the specifics and technical aspects of the conversation, leading to a more comprehensive experience.


A Simple Setup

The ChatLingual App is installed directly into the Genesys Cloud CX platform via a provided Install Guide containing localhost details. Follow the instructions in the guide then start using ChatLingual to deliver exceptional multilingual conversations!