The Importance of a Multilingual Customer Experience

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Global businesses know first-hand how complex it is to serve an international customer base who represents diverse languages, cultures, and regions. There are many challenges when doing business on a worldwide scale; in this article, we’ll highlight one hurdle in particular: enabling your customer support teams to provide multilingual customer support.  It is not realistic […]

4 Tips for Designing and Implementing a Multilingual Support Strategy

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Creating a multilingual support strategy takes time, so here are some best practices to help you move faster. Consider the following steps as part of your new multilingual support strategy: 1. Understand the Target Market If you plan to expand multilingual support to a new location, understanding the target market is essential. What dialects are […]

Research and Tips for Operating a Multilingual Contact Center (Webinar)

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Watch the full research and panel discussion in the video below: The following industry leaders participated in the insightful discussion: Stephen Yap, Research Director, CCMA Jason Stanton, Director of Sales Operations, WEX Justin Custer, CEO, ChatLingual Do’s and Don’ts of a Multilingual Contact Center Companies that support customers on an international scale should provide native-language […]

ChatLingual Makes Global Shared Services Possible Through Innovative Multilingual CX

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How a progressive Big Four accounting firm reconstructed its CX strategy to overcome language and technology barriers; deploying one of the most extensive and efficient internal employee support models in the world.  In 2020, ChatLingual was challenged by one of the Big Four professional service firms with a large-scale need that would test the very […]

Solving Staffing and Operational Challenges for Multilingual Contact Centers

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Troubling Turnover Trends It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic put contact centers through the wringer. Overnight, governments around the world implemented mandates that required people and companies to change how we work, moving from in-office to fully-remote settings. As society continues to adapt to the new requirements and changes in sentiment, companies are required […]

How Retailers Can Win Against the Challenges of Seasonality and Multilingual Support

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Obsolete Contact Center Technology Hinders Growth Did you know global e-commerce sales reached $4.9 trillion in 2021 and are expected to increase to $7.4 trillion in 2025? What a huge opportunity for brands to win in a rapidly growing market! With this already massive and increasing spending by consumers, brands will need to support even […]

10 Ways to Boost Contact Center Employee Morale

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Customer support agents are the backbone of contact center operations but it’s no secret that the customer service attrition rate is notoriously high. The Harvard Business Review cites customer support turnover as high as 45 percent—twice the average turnover in other departments. Moreover, research from a 2022 NICE WEM Global Survey shows that this number […]

The Multilingual Customer Service Challenge (Webinar)

Providing multilingual customer service is a challenge for many organizations.

Multilingual Customer Care Supports Globalization Since the dawn of globalization, companies have struggled to identify the best way to serve customers in their native language. For years, the common practice has involved hiring, training, and retaining customer service agents who speak the same language as the country where the business operates. However, in today’s economy, […]

Vodafone Reaches 80% FCR After Launching ChatLingual

Vodafone partners with ChatLingual for multilingual customer support

How Vodafone stays at the front of the pack when it comes to providing multilingual digital service and connectivity to their customers. Featuring Jonathan Blake, Group Head of Customer Operations at Vodafone. Vodafone’s Challenge: Guaranteeing Consistent Customer Experience Excellence Across Multiple Markets Vodafone is a multinational telecommunications company with over 300 million customers worldwide. One […]

Bright Horizons Multilingual Support Case Study

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Featuring Tracy Beard, Vice President of Employee Services at Bright Horizons EdAssist The Problem: Why Bright Horizons Needed a Multilingual Support Solution Bright Horizons’ EdAssist program works with enterprises across the United States, some of the country’s largest blue chip organizations.  In the last four or five years, the company received increasing requests to support […]