How to Successfully Deliver Multilingual Customer Support – A CCMA Good Practice Guide

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Retaining knowledgeable and engaged customer service staff is one of the biggest challenges for contact center operations. And these challenges are amplified when you add multilingual customer support into the mix. Global businesses may have collectively agreed on English as a primary language, but on an individual level, people will always prefer their mother tongue. […]

5 Strategic Tips for Leading a Multilingual Contact Center

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Many innovative, global brands struggle with this one crucial component when creating a CX strategy – language. Companies have been struggling to recruit, hire, and retain advisors with language skills for years, and allocating those limited language resources during support peaks and valleys is an ongoing challenge.  Why is native language support a component of […]

Multilingual CX Essentials for Customers in 2023 (Webinar)

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The New Normal for Customer Expectations Since the pandemic, there’s been the Great Resignation, the war for talent, and a cost of living crisis, so why are companies treating their customers like the old days? The global consumer landscape has changed–there’s a level of resiliency that hasn’t been seen before. Customers are sensitive about their […]

How to Optimize Contact Center Staffing to Meet Seasonal Demand

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Seasonal workers are a temporary fix for businesses that experience fluctuations in demand during certain time periods and even more so for businesses that support global customers. Contact centers in general will always experience ups and downs in caseloads. This leads to staff becoming overwhelmed during busy periods, and overspend during quieter times. What businesses […]

Multilingual Chatbots: What are They and Why are They Important to Customer Experience?

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Many businesses are focusing on the customer experience (CX) as a way to differentiate and beat the competition. For multinational corporations, part of the CX is delivering localized experiences in their customers’ native language, while respecting cultural differences. Sadly, businesses today are still struggling to deliver on this. There is soaring demand for multilingual candidates […]

Top Skills to Consider When Hiring Customer Support Agents

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Every contact center manager shares a common objective: to hire competent support agents with the right skills for the role. Though the desired hard skills will vary from business to business, there are universal soft skills that all great agents share. Modern support agents are specialists in human connection. But with an operating environment that […]

How to Centralize and Consolidate Your Multilingual Contact Center

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The English language may cast the widest net when it comes to global customer service, but is it the best approach? By today’s customer experience standards, companies should no longer be settling for a one-language-fits-all model. Be better, be multilingual.  Multilingual customer support is where businesses make the effort to speak the native language of […]

The Importance of a Multilingual Customer Experience

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Global businesses know first-hand how complex it is to serve an international customer base who represents diverse languages, cultures, and regions. There are many challenges when doing business on a worldwide scale; in this article, we’ll highlight one hurdle in particular: enabling your customer support teams to provide multilingual customer support.  It is not realistic […]

4 Tips for Designing and Implementing a Multilingual Support Strategy

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Creating a multilingual support strategy takes time, so here are some best practices to help you move faster. Consider the following steps as part of your new multilingual support strategy: 1. Understand the Target Market If you plan to expand multilingual support to a new location, understanding the target market is essential. What dialects are […]