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Research and Tips for Operating a Multilingual Contact Center (Webinar)

Watch the full research and panel discussion in the video below:

The following industry leaders participated in the insightful discussion:

  • Stephen Yap, Research Director, CCMA
  • Jason Stanton, Director of Sales Operations, WEX
  • Justin Custer, CEO, ChatLingual

Do’s and Don’ts of a Multilingual Contact Center

Companies that support customers on an international scale should provide native-language customer service–no question. The real question is, how do you operate a multilingual contact center efficiently and effectively?

There are many considerations when it comes to establishing a multilingual contact center–should you use a central hub or a local hub? Which languages should you hire a native speaker for? What are the best recruitment techniques for bilingual agents? 

These questions and more were addressed in a recent research collaboration with the Call Center Management Association (CCMA), where we uncovered the best practices for operating a multilingual contact center and managing service delivery teams.

Incorporating Translation Technology

Real-time language translation technology serves as the missing link to your multilingual customer service team and ultimately, a key component of your CX strategy. “Only in the past five to seven years, it’s becoming viable to start to solve human language challenges effectively using computers instead of people. We’re on the leading edge of technology,” said ChatLingual CEO Justin Custer. 

Customer support translation software is especially ideal for languages associated with higher hiring costs and lower volume such as German, Dutch, Nordic, Korean, or Japanese. Moreover, multilingual tools create resource flexibility for companies, allowing them to leverage their existing staff to cover all inbound languages. 

As translation technology continues to improve and evolve, you have the freedom to select the appropriate deployment model for your service delivery team. To minimize workflow disruptions, add a translation app to your CRM or consider a translation API. Alternatively, revamp your agent and customer experience with a multilingual agent desktop.

Regardless of the translation technology you select, consider creating a multilingual customer experience to promote customer loyalty and satisfaction.