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ChatLingual Agent Desktop

Choose The Most Comprehensible Multilingual
Messaging AI Platform

ChatLingual’s enterprise-grade unified Agent Desktop creates best-in-class global customer support. Enjoy significant cost savings while personalizing customer interactions in over 100 languages in real-time across digital channels.

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Real-Time Interpretation

Over 100 Languages

Secure & Private 

Optimize Contact
Center Operations

Maximize your operations’ potential by increasing the productivity and efficiency of your leading English-speaking agents.

Consumer Electronics Brand Achieves Cost Savings of Circa 50%

How ChatLingual's multilingual messaging platform allowed for a support cost reduction in excess of 50 percent, enabling them to consolidate premium multilingual labor into a new low-cost hub.

Create Best in Class Multilingual CX

Increase First Contact Resolution (FCR)

Reduce Average Handle Time (AHT)

Increase Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSATs)

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We’ve seen our handling time reduced by 13%. And we’ve seen our first contact resolution at an 80% average since we’ve launched.

Jonathan Blake
Group Head of Customer Operations at Vodafone

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97% Comprehensibile Translation

ChatLingual’s 97% comprehensibility score guarantees agent-customer understanding and improves service delivery outcomes. The unified agent desktop software combines and automates best-practice localization techniques specific to native-language customer service delivery.

Unlock Over
100 Languages

Transform monolingual agents into Universal Agents with over 100 languages supported, providing exceptional customer service throughout their journey.

Enterprise Contact
Center Software

Our web-based Unified Desktop serves as a language layer that seamlessly integrates with your existing environment. All conversations are displayed within the Agent Desktop, allowing agents to utilize ChatLingual’s extensive suite of localization techniques.

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Integrates With
Your Tech Stack

ChatLingual offers a unique combination of SaaS and consulting: expert guidance and fast, easy technology installation, not just documentation. 

We are dedicated to creating exceptional multilingual CX and partner with you to build custom integrations at an enterprise level efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Support Customers Through Any Digital Channel

ChatLingual’s multilingual AI platform, integrated with your tech stack, boosts agent productivity, enabling fast resolution of customer queries. ChatLingual’s Agent Desktop includes digital messaging capabilities such as chat and email and integrates with any external systems such as:


Mobile App
And more


Google Dialogflow
Microsoft Azure
And more

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Data Protection Guaranteed

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of privacy and security, that’s why we designed the Agent Desktop with enterprise-grade data protection. 

Easy 6-Week Onboarding

The Agent Desktop’s easy-to-navigate UI ensures minimal workflow disruption while allowing companies to experience shortened agent ramp time, decreased handle time, and promotes user confidence.

Your IT Team Will Love Us

The ChatLingual Success team handles the bulk of the onboarding and will collaborate with your IT team for information gathering and review, taking less than 2 days of your team’s time. We will partner with you to develop tailored integrations at an enterprise level.

Fast Agent Training

All it takes is 20-30 minutes of training for customer service agents to become fully familiar with the Agent Desktop. Guaranteed.

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Begin Your Multilingual CX Journey