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ChatLingual makes global communication easy.

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Start speaking in other languages—instantly.

ChatLingual is a web-based instant messaging app built to translate text in real-time.

Have a Japanese client who doesn’t speak English? How about a French customer who cannot understand Chinese? Just want to engage with new friends from around the globe? No problem. With ChatLingual it’s easy to communicate across languages, with subtitles, multilingual group chats, and offline messaging.

Great Teams Rely on ChatLingual

Talking to our users in their native language? Yes please! CL does it, and does it well.
Lucas Dickey—Head of Product, DoubleTwist
ChatLingual greatly improved how we engage with our offshore team, saving us time and money.
Carlos Astrada—CTO, StoneAcre Inc.

Give your business all the benefits of global communication.

A-2x_save_iconIn a world where time is money, translation can be complex, slow, and expensive. ChatLingual provides an elegant solution, allowing you to have real-time conversations with anyone in any language.
A-2x_enable_iconWhether your office in Tokyo needs an easy way to connect with the team in London, or you want to provide helpdesk support to customers anywhere in the world—we’re making it possible. When any language is an option, you’ll improve your company's operating strategy and create a better-connected, global organization.
A-2x_increase_iconInstant translation eliminates frustrating back-and-forths, mistranslated emails, and confusing calls for clarification. Why not direct your company’s valuable time toward completing tasks, and let us solve your challenges of cross-language communication?
A-2x_expand_iconChatLingual’s intuitive database is constantly growing, which means our translations are continually improving. Thanks to our unique ability to adapt user-provided feedback, we not only provide comprehensible translations, we're also focused on providing natural, more conversational language translations.

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