Multilingual Support Made Simple

For leaders frustrated with managing multilingual customer support, ChatLingual’s enterprise software makes providing native-language service in 100 languages easy, cost-effective, and quick-to-scale.

2022 CX Leaders Guide to Multilingual Support Strategy

Reduce Support Costs
Improve Staffing Strategies
Quickly Scale into New Markets

You lose customers
if you do not provide
native-language support.

Yet roughly 60% of businesses say the biggest challenge in providing support beyond a contact center’s primary language is finding, training, and retaining bilingual agents.*

Consider how many of your customers have a different primary language than English. As much as 60% of them expect to be served in their native language. Are you keeping up?

* Data from the ICMI report Lost in Translation

Simple Multilingual Agent Desktop Software​

Better than Bilingual Agents

ChatLingual delivers 97 percent comprehensibility in 100 languages to boost customer satisfaction scores.

Easy 6-Week Onboarding

ChatLingual works seamlessly with your existing tech stack across all of your digital channels.

Built for Enterprise

ChatLingual’s secure software solves your support problems at the highest volumes without compromising data privacy.

We help solve the language problem in any industry.

Innovative leaders of global enterprises spanning retail, education, technology, and telecommunications trust us to guide them out of multilingual staffing management and into stronger customer experience strategies.

Even Your IT Team Will Love Us

Take the frustration out of connecting your customers or employees with native-language, live-chat support for everybody! ChatLingual integrations can take as little as a day, and we can have you up and running in just six weeks. Empower your existing contact center staff to provide support via chat, email, SMS, and social in any languages you choose. Taking calls? Don’t worry, we can help you route your voice traffic, too – all within the same user-friendly platform.

Our Cloud-Native Agent Success Platform and software for enterprise-scale contact centers enable your agents to speak 100 languages in real-time on all of your digital channels. Streamline your support process, reduce resolution times, and increase customer satisfaction scores.

Our Quick, No-Frustration Integration Promise

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We help you build a business case for greater efficiency to reduce translation costs based on your support volumes.​​

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Our team takes care of most of the technical implementation. You only need to provide the right information and content.​​

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2022 CX Leaders Guide to Multilingual Support Strategy