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Bright Horizons Takes the Voice-to-Digital Leap with ChatLingual

Key Company Stats:

  • Founded in 1986 in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Provider of childcare and higher education services worldwide
  • Bright Horizons’ EdAssist program offers work/life education benefits to enterprise employees

The Challenge:

  • Having recently benefitted from a boom in global demand, supporting international client employees through voice in their native languages was beyond what Bright Horizons could accommodate.
  • Voice was quickly becoming a clunky experience for both support agents and customers. Using translators on the phone resulted in longer handle time, lower accuracy when sharing information, and decreased satisfaction.
  • Given its complex and customized services, it is imperative that the person providing the information can articulate it correctly and appropriately. 
  • The only way for Bright Horizons to overcome the language barrier was to seek out innovation–a switch from voice (not scalable) to digital (perfectly scalable) support. 

Target Metrics:

The benefit of working with ChatLingual, as opposed to multilingual agents, is that right now at EdAssist, we are serving people in more than 80 countries and speaking roughly 30 languages. We would never have been able to staff that.

How ChatLingual Became the Partner of Choice:

ChatLingual’s multilingual messaging platform enabled Bright Horizons to use its own internal experts to support client employees; therefore, there was no longer a need to outsource to multilingual call centers or translators. 

Bright Horizons’ EdAssist can now provide high-quality chat support by leveraging ChatLingual. Using a digital channel rather than voice, they can communicate in dozens of languages in real-time. Beard says the company saw immediate benefits with instant translation that removed translators from the equation, allowing agents to rely only on their own languages and still deliver comprehensible information to end users accurately.

What Did Bright Horizons Gain by Using ChatLingual?

The return on investment for us working with ChatLingual is that we are going to be able to support any international need that we get a request for. ChatLingual opened that world up for us. We’re able to communicate in local languages with learners around the globe.

Business Outcomes:

Partnering with ChatLingual immediately became cost-efficient as they were able to use existing staff with their breadth of knowledge and expertise. 

The immediate benefits have been our ability to support our end users. We know that they’re getting the correct information. We know that our experts are able to work with them one-on-one in the moment, and we have full confidence that we are providing best-in-class customer service to any participant who comes our way, no matter where they’re living or what language they’re speaking.