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ChatLingual Apps
for Your CRM

ChatLingual has developed native applications for the most popular CRMs to provide multilingual support. With the ChatLingual App for Salesforce, Genesys, LivePerson, and Zendesk companies can deliver native-language service in 100+ languages in an easy and cost-effective way. Quickly scale into new markets with the ChatLingual App.

multilingual app for crm

Multilingual Translation for Your CRM

multilingual app for salesforce

ChatLingual App for Salesforce

The ChatLingual App for Salesforce Service Cloud Lightning integrates seamlessly with the Salesforce agent environment, eliminating the need for changes to staff logins or licenses.

multilingual app for Genesys

ChatLingual App for Genesys

The ChatLingual App for Genesys Cloud CX is the perfect integration for seamless multilingual communication. Its discreet design results in minimal disruptions to your workflow and improves agent optimization.

multilingual app for liveperson

ChatLingual App for LivePerson

The ChaLingual App for LivePerson integrates directly into your LivePerson workspace to support multilingual conversations across digital channels including chat, email, and social media.

multilingual app for zendesk

ChatLingual App for Zendesk

The ChatLingual App for Zendesk integrates into the Zendesk Agent Workspace, facilitating multilingual communication across various digital channels.

Create a Multilingual CX in Your CRM

The ChatLingual Apps for CRM is readily available for Salesforce, Genesys, LivePerson, and Zendesk. It enables you to seamlessly communicate with your customers in over 100 languages while maintaining your existing workflows, ensuring exceptional multilingual customer service.