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A Big Four Accounting Firm Saved Costs By Unifying Their Global Shared Services

Key Company Stats:

  • 400,000+ global employees
  • 40+ regional departments in 25+ countries
  • Offers shared support services for their employees at each of their offices (IT Helpdesk, HR, Finance)

The Challenge:

  • To consolidate their global shared services from 25+ regional firms to a single, low-cost location.
  • The solution would need to be compatible with the six different CRM instances used between departments while meeting the highest infosec standards achievable. 
  • The client uses Genesys routing across all firms and the ChatLingual messaging solution would need to adhere to this.

Target Metrics:

The hope for the client was to streamline their internal service (support) operations as much as possible. The hurdle was: if you have ten different languages that you need to support and within those ten languages there are three different sets of expertise, it quickly becomes really complex.

The Choice Was ChatLingual

ChatLingual was the partner of choice for this Big Four client, as they were able to provide a real-time messaging solution that could handle 25+ languages while covering all digital channels: chat, email, SMS, and social. 

Meeting the client’s high infosec standards, the ChatLingual platform integrated seamlessly with the various CRM instances already in place. The Big Four client also leveraged ChatLingual’s AI chatbot feature with their ServiceNow virtual agent, enabling self-service capabilities to the furthest extent possible.

The client now achieves natural-language-level translation standards to ensure perfectly accurate communication during any conversation.

Unlocking the Universal Agent

With ChatLingual, the universal agent was unlocked. Any subject expert based in the unified hub was now able to support any employee in the world in their own preferred language. This allowed the client to save costs by moving to a low-cost location. Since integration, the solution has been rolled out to 40 regions with hundreds of active users.

Other Key Indicators of Success: