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Vodafone Sees 15 Point tNPS Increase By Hiring For Skills, Not Language

Key Company Stats:

  • Vodafone is a leading global telecommunications company based in the UK
  • Serving 300 million customers across the globe

The Challenges:

  • To deliver high-quality, consistent customer service across all global markets yet forced to staff minimum team sizes to support any single service line in each given language.
  • Difficulty hiring agents in-country that were 1) not reaching an acceptable level of product expertise, and 2) therefore not equipped to resolve customer problems to the point of satisfaction.

Target Metrics:

We can see the material benefit that it brings to our customers, and it’s helping us improve and continue to stay at the front of the pack when it comes to providing digital service and connectivity to our customers all over the world.

How ChatLingual Changes the Language Game:

ChatLingual has solved the language dilemma with the world’s most comprehensive multilingual messaging platform. Companies who believe in personalized customer support—like Vodafone—can leverage this leading-edge solution to enable their agents to chat with customers in over 100 languages, in real time, across chat, email, SMS, and social channels. No language skills required—ChatLingual’s powerful translation engine does the work.

The icing on the cake? Agent training for the ChatLinugal Agent Desktop takes only 30 minutes. The intuitive UX enables companies to experience shortened agent ramp time, decreased handle time, and helps agents deliver a seamless customer experience across digital channels to improve their CSATs.

When clients choose ChatLingual, they are choosing a true partner in customer service collaboration.

What Did Vodafone Gain by Adopting the ChatLingual Solution?

By partnering with ChatLingual, we leveraged translation to create a global care team of experts that could serve multiple countries as dedicated experts in that service line regardless of respective customer volumes in each country.

Business Outcomes:

By leveraging ChatLingual, English-speaking agents evolved into true product experts, able to deliver customer service at the highest level in any language.

What we’ve been able to achieve with ChatLingual is a combination of customer experience improvements, operational efficiencies, and the ability to move at pace, deploying customer care faster to new markets and for new products in existing markets.