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A Multilingual Unified Support Platform,
for every use case

ChatLingual’s multilingual unified agent desktop software can be used by all of your support teams across functions including external customer support and sales teams, and internal HR and IT helpdesks.

Empower your agents to support your clients, customers and employees globally in 100 languages with real-time interpretation across all of your digital channels.

Real-Time Interpretation
100 Languages
Secure & Private

Empower every agent to be the best agent

Customer Support

ChatLingual’s unified agent desktop software is designed to streamline contact center agents’ workflows.

HR Support

Leaders in Human Resources use ChatLingual technology to support their employees in any country in 100 languages while centralizing operations in strategic locations.

IT Help Desk

Use our Agent Success Platform for effective tech support — with 97 percent comprehensibility scores, ChatLingual clarifies the most challenging conversations.

Web Sales

Use Chatlingual Software for web sales to acquire new customers in your non-primary language markets through your localized website chatbots.

Provide a seamless, personalized customer experience across all of your digital channels faster than ever before.