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Extend your team's expertise around the globe

You have a team of experts able to answer any technical challenge but not necessarily able to do so in all the local languages where your company operates.  Let ChatLingual empower global support, to the benefit of every employee, regardless of language.

Multilingual Knowledge Base

Your employees need step-by-step help to navigate their technical tools. Your agents share documentation to help them with these steps. With ChatLingual’s Knowledge Base, these articles are instantly multilingual, making them beneficial to every employee.
IT Support Agent in Amsterdam
IT Support Agent in Amsterdam
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“It's easier to use and helps me support employees without having to use multiple applications.”
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Business Process Automation

Create self-service tools to manage your most frequent requests, such as chatbots and forms. Already built your own chatbot? Great! Integrate it with ChatLingual to maximize self-service opportunities.

An All-in-One Platform that's actually Easy-to-Use

Upgrade your multichannel strategy by providing support via voice, chat, email, SMS and social channels – all with ChatLingual. Simplify your Agent’s experience by integrating data from legacy systems into a single unified desktop.


“Easy and convenient!”
“Easy and convenient!”
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IT Support Agent in South Africa Supports employees in 4 languages

Solutions for every team

ChatLingual’s platform lets you centralize content, streamline information sharing, and automate processes for teams across your organization.

Customer Support

ChatLingual’s unified agent desktop software is designed to streamline contact center agents’ workflows.

HR Support

Leaders in Human Resources use ChatLingual technology to support their employees in any country in 100 languages while centralizing operations in strategic locations.

IT Help Desk

Use our Agent Success Platform for effective tech support — with 97 percent comprehensibility scores, ChatLingual clarifies the most challenging conversations.

Web Sales

Use Chatlingual Software for web sales to acquire new customers in your non-primary language markets through your localized website chatbots.