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Delivering a best-in-class language experience.

You have a global multilingual customer base, which means you likely have complex staffing challenges – language, location, skill set. We’re helping companies reduce these barriers, enabling them to hire and retain the best agents…and thus unlocking the best customer experience.

Hire and Retain the Best Agents

By removing constraints around language, location and technical skill set, you’re able to hire the best agents to help your customers. The ChatLingual interface is powerful, designed to be simple and intuitive, reducing stress and complexities for agents. This means your agents are happier, healthier and stick around longer.
English speaking agent in Egypt  Supports customers in 4 languages
English speaking agent in Egypt Supports customers in 4 languages
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“It's a quick and more efficient application, allowing me to perform my best. I didn't think that handling multiple customers could be so easy.”
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A Multi-lingual Knowledge Base Makes Everyone Smarter

Give your reps the information that they need to be successful, regardless of language. Say goodbye to agents with personal knowledge bases, content that is only available in one language, and outdated articles that are hard to track and update. ChatLingual’s integrated Knowledge Base allows you to update content and push it to every agent, in every language, instantly. Also, because it is managed within the platform, your reps will have the most up to date information that has been vetted by your team at their fingertips.

Maximize Your Agent Experience

How do your agents rate their experience? Do they have the tools to be successful? Agent Experience directly affects attrition and customer satisfaction helping or hampering your bottom line. When a Global Fortune 500 company replaced a popular messaging platform with ChatLingual, their Agent NPS went from -55 to +88.
“The interface is way better. Simple and fast tool.”
“The interface is way better. Simple and fast tool.”
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Customer Support Agent in Germany

Solutions for every team

ChatLingual’s platform lets you centralize content, streamline information sharing, and automate processes for teams across your organization.

Customer Support

ChatLingual’s unified agent desktop software is designed to streamline contact center agents’ workflows.

HR Support

Leaders in Human Resources use ChatLingual technology to support their employees in any country in 100 languages while centralizing operations in strategic locations.

IT Help Desk

Use our Agent Success Platform for effective tech support — with 97 percent comprehensibility scores, ChatLingual clarifies the most challenging conversations.

Web Sales

Use Chatlingual Software for web sales to acquire new customers in your non-primary language markets through your localized website chatbots.