Provide the best support to your global workforce

When it comes to such a sensitive topic as HR, companies want their employees to be as comfortable as possible, while also getting their questions and concerns resolved quickly and efficiently. With ChatLingual, existing HR teams can ensure that their employees are taken care of, while taking language and location out of the equation.

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Give Every Employee the Best Experience

Your HR Team is not just experts in your company’s policies and benefit programs, but also in how to communicate the delicate details to employees. Allow them to share their expertise to every employee around the globe, regardless of language or region.

“An intelligent platform to use. Allows me to focus on the employee instead of the technology.”

HR Advisor in United States

Supports customers in 15 languages

Multilingual Knowledge Base

Creating accounts, enrolling in benefits, submitting for sick leave – you have likely created expert content to help employees navigate these tasks. ChatLingual’s built-in Knowledge Base stores these articles in any language with human translation, so you can trust every employee gets the right instructions every time.

Support Employees in their Channel of Choice

Employees are expecting to receive support in faster channels like chat and SMS. Supplement email by extending your support to these channels, shortening resolution time and leaving your employees happy.

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Solutions for every team

ChatLingual’s platform lets you centralize content, streamline information sharing, and automate processes for teams across your organization.