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ChatLingual is now a Gold Partner of the CCMA

We are proud to announce a new partnership with CCMA. The Call Centre Management Association (CCMA), is the longest established call center association in the United Kingdom, supporting contact center leaders for over 25 years. 

Contact center software provider ChatLingual Inc. is a Call Centre Management Association Gold Partner.

Through our partnership with CCMA, we will be offering unique and deep insights into an area of customer service that is often overlooked, language. CCMA presents us with the opportunity to inform and educate a broader audience of customer experience leaders about the necessity of native language customer support, the challenges associated with providing multilingual customer service, and how using multilingual technology can offer enterprises a competitive advantage. 

In conjunction with the opening of ChatLingual’s new UK headquarters, we believe this partnership will expand the multilingual customer support solutions available in the United Kingdom and surrounding countries. We are looking forward to working with CCMA to bring forward-thinking research, online seminars, and more to CCMA members and the contact center industry.