Your Chatbot. In Over 100 Languages.

Companies across industries are deploying self-serve, conversational AI chatbots to provide instant, round-the-clock support for common customer service questions. With ChatLingual’s live chatbot translation capabilities, you can easily create a powerful native language experience within your existing chatbot. Enjoy higher customer satisfaction scores and lower costs when you power up your chatbot with ChatLingual’s Translation API.

Chatbot Translation at Scale

It can be cumbersome to deploy and make changes to your chatbot’s conversation flowchart. ChatLingual allows you to easily add new languages to your chatbot’s decision tree and scale your existing bot to your global customer base while maintaining a single English application.

ChatLingual’s chatbot localization tools allow your team to:

  • Greatly expand your single-language bots by translating conversations into any of our 100+ supported languages
  • Maintain a consistent brand experience for your customers across every language
  • Easily make content updates in English–no complex dialog changes required
  • Perform a seamless handoff to a human team member if the customer’s request isn’t one the chatbot can complete—regardless of what language your agents speak
“ChatLingual is defining the contact center of the future, and they're taking IBM Watson's Virtual Assistant to the next level.”
“ChatLingual is defining the contact center of the future, and they're taking IBM Watson's Virtual Assistant to the next level.”
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Luis Meza, Associate Partner, IBM Digital Strategy
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Bring Your Own Bot

We’ve made it easy to create a multilingual chatbot experience. ChatLingual’s Translation API integrates with most chatbots, including:

    • IBM Watson
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Amazon Lex
    • Google Dialogflow
    • Custom chatbots
    • And more

Chatbot reporting connects directly with your existing CRM’s customer support data, ensuring comprehensive data is captured on every customer journey. 

Benefits of Multilingual Chatbots

Enable your customers and customer service team to succeed by transforming your ordinary chatbot into a multilingual team member. Multilingual chatbots reduce support costs, drive localization, and deliver a unique customer experience every time.

  • Increase self-service options by expanding your chatbot to serve every customer’s language
  • Boost customer satisfaction scores by providing customers with quick resolutions in their native language
  • Reduce the load on your customer support team by using bots to resolve minor and repetitive queries
  • Win over customers from your competitors through 24/7 native language customer support
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Support Global Teams with Translation

Provide the same native language experience you give to your customers, to your global employees. Support your multilingual workforce by leveraging instant chatbot translation, giving them access to the resources they need quickly and efficiently. 

  • Get quick answers for your team’s common HR inquiries in their native language
  • Self-service AI resolves IT help desk issues promptly allowing for minimal productivity disruptions 
  • Increase employee engagement by seamlessly incorporating language diversity and inclusivity into your workplace culture