Your chatbot. In over 100 languages.

Companies across industries are employing chatbots in order to provide instant, round-the-clock support for common questions. Ultimately, chatbots help your agents focus on making your customer experience better, which is why we see them as natural partners for ChatLingual. That’s why we’ve expanded the translations capabilities found in our Agent Success Platform to easily integrate with your bot.

Bring Your Own Bot

If you’ve already built a bot for your organization, you know how difficult it is to get it right. You also know that it can be cumbersome to make any changes to your bot’s dialog flow. We’ve created ChatLingual to work seamlessly with your chatbot to solve these important challenges:

  • Greatly expand your single-language bot’s utility by translating your dialog into any of our 100+ supported languages
  • Maintain your bot’s tone and persona across every language, ensuring a consistent brand experience for your customers
  • Let your business team make content updates without your development team having to access the chatbot account
  • Perform a seamless handoff to a human team member if the customer’s request isn’t one the chatbot can complete—regardless of what language your agents speak


ChatLingual works with most chatbots, like IBM Watson, Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, and Google Dialogue Flow. Plus, chatbot reporting is integrated with your CRM’s customer support data, ensuring comprehensive data on customer interactions.

“ChatLingual is defining the contact center of the future, and they're taking IBM Watson's Virtual Assistant to the next level.”
“ChatLingual is defining the contact center of the future, and they're taking IBM Watson's Virtual Assistant to the next level.”
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Luis Meza, Associate Partner, IBM Digital Strategy
ChatLingual's Chatbot translation feature helps to serve customers in real time.

Customer-Driven Business Process Automation

Providing a better customer experience while reducing support costs doesn’t end with chatbots. We created Customer-Driven Business Process Automation (BPA) to significantly streamline your agents’ most time-consuming tasks. Typically a back-office solution, we designed our BPA process to be initiated by customers, so a ticket that might take an agent 12 hours to complete can happen in an instant via automation and integration with your other software systems.

Iterative Approach

We’ll start by looking at your most common call-drivers, then pick a handful (3 – 5) that can most easily be automated to provide a better customer experience. Our clients often select tasks where agent involvement doesn’t offer a value-add (see examples below). Note that our Customer-Driven BPA doesn’t require a ChatLingual-enabled chatbot—though having one means these tasks can be completed even faster, without an agent needing to be involved at all.
Having a Chatbot in difference languages is invaluable to global companies.

Common Use Example

Fewer tickets, smooth integration with your existing systems, and a dramatically improved user experience means that your agents can leave the computing to the computers and focus on exceptional customer support.

Customer Support Team

  • Check on order status
  • Billing questions
  • Online Account Support
  • Service Scheduling
  • IT Service Desk

  • Password Reset
  • Conferencing System Report
  • Account Lockout
  • Ticket Submission
  • Global HR Help Desk

  • Sick Leave Permission
  • New Employee Onboarding
  • Benefits FAQ