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The New Era of Customer Experience: Industry Experts’ Insights from the CXFO Travel & Leisure Industry Council

The Travel & Leisure Industry Council event was hosted by ChatLingual in collaboration with the Customer Experience Foundation (CXFO) in July of 2022. Attendees included representatives from Air France–KLM, Great British Railways, Imperial War Museums, HGS, Quantanite, Concentrix, Amex GBT, Expedia Group, ChatLingual, and CXFO. 

These twelve customer experience leaders were invited to participate in a roundtable discussion to share their insights on the most pressing topics for the travel sector today. 

What made this event unique, in addition to the broad experience of the participants and the knowledge they shared, was the timing. Entering 2023, the travel and leisure industry is at a critical juncture as it recovers from the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic at the same time that it prepares for challenging economic times on a global scale. 

Here is a brief overview of some of the topics that were discussed at the roundtable event:

How Do We Support Colleagues and Customers in Their Native Languages?

Hiring human language experts has become more difficult than ever due to the increasing demand for skilled candidates. At the same time, it is evident that native language support needs to be a top priority for companies who wish to provide the highest levels of satisfaction to their customers and employees. What is the best solution to this language dilemma?


What Strategies Are Employers Deploying to Recruit? Is It All About Pay?

The freedom of movement has disrupted the traditional methods of sourcing talent. Salary, conditions of work, and flexibility are all now heightened factors in the recruitment process. With vacant jobs becoming a rampant issue across all industries, new approaches must be developed. What are they?


Is “Old” Technology To Blame for These Recruitment and Retention Challenges?

From a tech perspective, agent experiences can be horrid. This is making it difficult for contact centers to recruit the right staff in the right locations. What are these tech issues and what can be done about them?


How Can “New” Technology Help the Industry Going Forward?

If outdated technology is a detriment to providing high-level support, how can modern technology fill these gaps to ensure excellent customer and employee experience? The problems of tech need to be understood before they can be solved. So what are the finer points that companies need to grasp?


If Modern Tech Is the Answer, Then What Is the Issue?

While many organizations emphasize automation as a means to protect or improve their bottom line, the human aspect may suffer in the process. But experts agree that when it comes to providing high-quality support, even with the assistance of technology, the human touch will always be needed. How can we find the right balance between human and machine?


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In addition to these listed topics, a meaningful portion of these roundtable discussions centered on Covid and how the industry has been reshaped by these recent events on both a temporary and permanent scale. 2023 will provide travel and leisure organizations an important opportunity to embrace these changes by adopting new attitudes, strategies, and technologies—even in less-than-ideal economic circumstances.

You can find out how these industry experts are planning to embrace change by reading the full post-event report below.

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