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From Zero to Live in Under 30 Minutes: Why ChatLingual’s Onboarding Process Was a Revelation for Vodafone

Key Company Stats:

  • Vodafone is a leading global telecommunications company based in the UK
  • Their Cairo-based customer support teams serve millions of international customers in a multitude of languages

The Challenges:

  • Consistently switching between multiple applications is a time sink
  • Learning curves associated with new tools can be a net negative as far as time, money, and customer and employee satisfaction
  • Agents may resist changes to their standard operating procedures (SOP) if the new application is less than desirable

Target Metrics:

Our agents in Cairo love ChatLingual because it’s a really simple and intuitive tool. They were able to get to grips with it really quickly. It’s a much cleaner interface and a much easier-to-navigate interface.

Why a Quick Onboarding Is Important to Companies and Agents:

Great customer support is a matter of speed and quality; a user-friendly interface is the foundation.

Switching between multiple applications is not only time-consuming but also inefficient. Even more so, it can leave a negative impression on customers due to lengthened response times and frustration on the agent’s side.

Though switching to a unified solution may seem daunting, it proves to be a win-win solution for all parties involved. When it came time for Vodafone to onboard the ChatLingual Agent Desktop, a quick onboarding process was necessary in order to not interfere with support volume. To their delight, the highly intuitive and clean interface of ChatLingual’s Agent Desktop made it possible for Vodafone agents to hit the ground running the same day.

Quick onboarding is essential for companies because it allows them to provide uninterrupted customer service. For agents, quick onboarding can help them get up to speed on company policies, procedures, and systems more quickly, allowing them to start contributing to the organization sooner.

A faster and better user experience equates to improved response and resolution during unexpected peaks, reduced handle time, and the flexibility to deliver a seamless customer experience across all digital channels.

User-Friendly Agent Desktop Since Day One

It was a revelation because we’d never used a tool that was that easy and that straightforward that we could do desk-based training in less than half an hour.

Business Outcomes:

Thanks to lightning-quick onboarding time and a record-breaking “speed to green,” the following business outcomes were realized in a very short period of time:

Directly after the training, we put the agents on queue and they started talking to customers, and they were able to do it. And we were able to give a really good customer experience from that day on.