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Partnership Announcements

ChatLingual Announces Gold Partnership with CXFO

We are proud to announce a newly-established partnership with CXFO. The Customer Experience Foundation (CXFO), provides customer experience and contact center leaders with sound CX innovation and practical tips, advice, and support from proven practitioners.

Through our partnership with CXFO, we will be able to educate CX leaders on the importance of providing native language customer support, the challenges associated with hiring bilingual support staff, and how technology can be leveraged to overcome those challenges through forward-thinking webinars, engaging roundtable events, and more.

ChatLingual is a Customer Experience Foundation Gold Partner.

ChatLingual CEO Justin Custer commented on the partnership, “CXFO’s focus on creating delightful customer experiences is refreshing. We are looking forward to this collaboration and helping our clients overcome the challenges of multilingual customer support.”

We are thrilled to partner with CXFO to shape and influence the future of multilingual contact center tech in the CX industry through our combined portfolio of online publications, podcasts, and progressive events.