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Bright Horizons Boosts Efficiency and Reduces Costs with Custom Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Key Company Stats:

  • EdAssist Solutions is a business branch of the global educational service provider Bright Horizons
  • To deliver its support services worldwide, Employee Service Coordinators must converse regularly with client participants in 28 different languages

The Challenge:

  • Logging incidents manually in the CRM system was a time-consuming process that hindered agents from interacting with customers concurrently.
  • Integrating the ChatLingual Agent Desktop with Microsoft Dynamics CRM would allow Bright Horizons to streamline CRM case management, saving time and costs.

Target Metrics:

This paves the way to promote support efficiencies, automate a manual support task, and re-focus our efforts on the customer and their educational journey.

ChatLingual Streamlines Agent Efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics Integration

SaaS provider ChatLingual partnered with Bright Horizons’ EdAssist to integrate its Agent Desktop with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. ChatLingual worked closely with Bright Horizons’ technical and business teams to define the scope of the solution and determine a delivery plan. The ChatLingual team reassured all stakeholders, including leadership, of the status, and later success, of the integration every step of the way.

Initially, integrating ChatLingual with Bright Horizons’ EdAssist interface on a private network proved to be a challenge. The company developed a custom solution and successfully deployed it to the staging environment; however, difficulties arose after deploying it to the highly protected production environment.

To ensure a successful deployment to production, ChatLingual closely partnered with Bright Horizons’ IT, Security, and Engineering teams, and provided live support during the first four hours of implementation. Additionally, the ability to roll back the integration provided the necessary peace of mind for the business to move forward with the project.

The integration allows agents to view customer contact information in the ChatLingual Agent Desktop before they start chatting, eliminating the need to manually retrieve information from the CRM. This automation saves time for both the agents and customers and allows agents to create notes for each client and store the transcripts and translations of each conversation in the CRM. Additionally, each conversation is tagged with the same case number in both the CRM and the Agent Desktop for easy cross-referencing.

Our close partnership with ChatLingual has promoted confidence that this impending launch is going to be exciting, seamless, and deliver immense business value to our teams (as well as save time!).

Business Outcomes:

Initial testing of the integration showed very promising business cost savings:

Bonus outcome: Increased data integrity by automating workflows and eliminating human error.

A grand success! It took an hour or so for me to get used to the new process, and after that, it was smooth sailing. This whole thing is awesome, and I’m super stoked about it.