Defining the future of customer support

Certain inefficiencies are built into running a global business. During our time in the world of management consulting, we witnessed plenty of them: trying to work across time zones, scrambling to find and train bilingual support agents, cumbersome technology that impeded productivity instead of aiding it… And these inefficiencies didn’t just affect our clients—they had a clear impact on their customers’ experience, too.

Launched in 2013, we created ChatLingual to transform the User Experience of enterprise customer support.

Providing exceptional customer support is about making the entire experience of interacting with your organization as smooth and pleasant as possible. This is why we designed ChatLingual with an explicit focus on User Experience—and not just for your customers. Your agents have their own UX, and it’s one that not only affects their ability to do their job, but also the end result: your customers’ perception of your brand.

56% of customers thought getting information in their own language was more important than the price of the product

72% of customers thought being supported in their own language increases their satisfaction

58% believe native language support increases their brand loyalty

ChatLingual was built with multilingual support as its core feature, with instant translation between 100+ languages. We see the broad capabilities of our Agent Success Platform as natural extensions of that seamless language experience, with robust content management and automation features all serving to create a User Experience that’s not just efficient, but enjoyable.

With partners like IBM Watson, we’re helping Fortune 500 clients redefine the future of their customer support operations.