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CCMA and ChatLingual research 2022

CCMA and ChatLingual Explore CX and Operational Fluency for Multilingual Contact Centers

Across the UK and Europe, hundreds of brands operate across multiple markets—many of which speak entirely different languages. This creates hurdles for brands as they aim to cater to individual customers in each market. The fact is that 40 percent of customers will not buy products or services that do not speak their native language. Furthermore, 65 percent would prefer native-language content of low quality rather than no native-language content at all!

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Hear from Business Leaders at Leading EU and UK Brands

Seven business leaders kindly offered their expertise and knowledge in their journey to operational fluency: including brands like LEGO, Estee Lauder, and Air France!


A Brief Overview of the Report

ChatLingual Multilingual Contact Center

The research focuses on customer experience (CX), exploring how operational fluency for multilingual contact centers can greatly increase the quality of the CX. This is particularly relevant for global enterprises that serve multiple customer groups that speak different languages. The report uncovers best operational practices as well as the potential benefits of multilingualism for business process outsourcing (BPO) contact center partners.


New and Innovative Central Hubs Pave the Way

A look into central hubs: an innovative operating model for developing multilingual customer support hubs with greater consistency, scale, oversight, and insight.


Becoming Language Fluent

In the report, business leaders discuss the growing importance of language fluency and multilingualism for front-line support agents. The topic of multiskilling also comes up—where agents support customers across multiple digital channels.


Recruitment and Retention Stories from Business Leaders

This section of the report contains insightful stories about the difficulties in the recruitment and retention of mono- and multi-lingual customer support agents in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, and France.


10 Considerations for Multilingual Contact Center Operations

At the end of the report, CCMA and ChatLingual offer 10 important considerations for multilingual brands across the EU and UK.

Use this section as a quick reference when transforming your contact center operations. We saved the best for last!


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ChatLingual is proud to be a supporting partner in new research with the Call Center Management Association (CCMA).
We invite you to download the report and share it with your business network. Together, we can promote multilingual customer support in pursuit of better customer experiences!

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