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Bright Horizons Boosts Efficiency and Reduces Costs with Custom Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

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Key Company Stats: EdAssist Solutions is a business branch of the global educational service provider Bright Horizons To deliver its support services worldwide, Employee Service Coordinators must converse regularly with client participants in 28 different languages The Challenge: Logging incidents manually in the CRM system was a time-consuming process that hindered agents from interacting with […]

A Big Four Accounting Firm Saved Costs By Unifying Their Global Shared Services

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Key Company Stats: 400,000+ global employees 40+ regional departments in 25+ countries Offers shared support services for their employees at each of their offices (IT Helpdesk, HR, Finance) The Challenge: To consolidate their global shared services from 25+ regional firms to a single, low-cost location. The solution would need to be compatible with the six […]

Bright Horizons Takes the Voice-to-Digital Leap with ChatLingual

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Key Company Stats: Founded in 1986 in Cambridge, Massachusetts Provider of childcare and higher education services worldwide Bright Horizons’ EdAssist program offers work/life education benefits to enterprise employees The Challenge: Having recently benefitted from a boom in global demand, supporting international client employees through voice in their native languages was beyond what Bright Horizons could […]

Vodafone Sees 15 Point tNPS Increase By Hiring For Skills, Not Language

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Key Company Stats: Vodafone is a leading global telecommunications company based in the UK Serving 300 million customers across the globe The Challenges: To deliver high-quality, consistent customer service across all global markets yet forced to staff minimum team sizes to support any single service line in each given language. Difficulty hiring agents in-country that […]